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ZippyDSMleethe levels are small there's no secrets and the weapons are messed up with halo cloned vehicles and stuff.2011-06-14 23:22
leonharfsGot the new Alice game... will play it soon. I want to play through the first again before I get into Madness Returns.2011-06-14 16:25
leonharfsIs it? I heard it was exactly like previous Duke Nukem games. Not better, not worse, not more fun. It's Duke Nukem. If you liked the old ones, you'll like this one (assuming you still like them).2011-06-14 10:17
ZippyDSMleeAnyone play DNF yet? Its not bad but tis a halo clone.They could have done so much more than make it a halo clone...did I mention its a halo clone?2011-06-13 19:57
leonharfsWell, that didn't take long... time to write a review.2011-06-11 14:57
ZippyDSMleeStill working on forced unleashed and empire at war. I am loveing the space battles >>(shiny ships drooolllll)2011-06-10 08:24
leonharfsBeat inFAMOUS 2 today on the good save. Just need to beat in on my infamous save and I'll have a platinum. :)2011-06-09 20:04
ZippyDSMleethere is not much worth makeing these days the dumbed down avrage means they can milk current systems for another 5 years.2011-06-07 22:02
leonharfsE3 was kind of disappointing this year in terms of the press events. They showed off some cool stuff, but it none of them were too big in terms of surprise or justifying why their stuff is awesome.2011-06-07 19:12
ZippyDSMleeI am kinda enjoying it its like a dumb off brand action adventure game that has some enatness to it, and ya the star wars story is good no matter what they toss togather :P Oh and empire at war is worse as far as compent design go, but its er...diffrent?2011-06-02 22:46
ZippyDSMleeI am enjoying dieing dosens of times ^^2011-06-02 21:44
leonharfsGoing to start watching Darker Than Black this week, probably. Anyone seen it?2011-05-30 19:31
leonharfsI didn't really care for it. I prefer inFamous2011-05-30 10:31
ZippyDSMleeforced unleashed is not that bad....unerwhelming,over simplified and incomplete but not bad. lulz2011-05-29 18:29
leonharfsI've only played it on the 3602011-05-29 14:06
ZippyDSMleeAnyone play L4D on the pc? I mad a simple script changes as so all weaopns are a bit diffrent IE less damage ,relaod and rate of fire times but have inf ammo.2011-05-29 03:42
CWZ0MSteam ECA chapter, find it here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ECASC2011-05-28 19:36
leonharfsNo joke2011-05-27 19:00
ZippyDSMleesheesh this place has died!2011-05-27 09:16
ZippyDSMleeLeo:It just went up to 2 pages well 1 page and a qauter. :P2011-05-16 10:32
ZippyDSMleeLeo I haz a one pager for uuuuu email me and I will send it in ^^2011-05-16 09:14
ZippyDSMleeWell do we have a members list or arcade? those where the ones giving me a bit of trouble. Other wise I am trying to curve my captive audience mode(ramblely rambleing posts) :P2011-05-16 09:14
XenithZippy are you still having problems accessing the forum?2011-05-15 17:37
leonharfsYeah, that sounds more appealing, depending on the amount of work. Haha2011-05-15 01:42
ZippyDSMleeJust noticed the captura, and its a sane one at that!! Hows spam with it? Might have to go with recaphca....2011-05-13 17:01
ZippyDSMleeleo:ya it really needs to more based on a page count, 2$ a page plus 25% per project sounds better.2011-05-13 16:57
leonharfsWell, if there was only a paragraph per month, I'd say it's worth it. If it were several essays, I'd say yeah right.2011-05-13 14:40
JDKJDoes it? Even when every other word is certain to be misspelled?2011-05-13 12:59
leonharfsWell, it honestly depends on the amount of stuff there is.2011-05-12 14:41
JDKJIf you have to proof-read his spelling, then the job's not worth $25 a month.2011-05-11 12:57