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ZippyDSMleeFinished vampire the masquerade bloodlines, lol trolls!2011-08-07 12:48
leonharfsThat sounds fun Zip. I just beat Catherine last week. Waiting for Killzone 3 to get here so I can blast through that before I am too busy for any fun.2011-08-05 00:39
leonharfsHi Juuuuulie.2011-08-05 00:38
ZippyDSMleeMakeing my way through vampire the mascurade bloodlines, almost done with it, 2/3rds through jade empire and fired up ME 1 to play as a filler game, stuck looking for maps in wind waker...ggrrrrr I am soooo hating the game....2011-08-04 11:42
ZippyDSMleeadamas draconis: Clear out your cache of everything but saved passwords2011-08-04 11:36
ZippyDSMleebut saved passwords.2011-08-04 11:36
ZippyDSMleeXenith:Hey grrrrllllll how ya been?2011-08-04 11:35
XenithHi all :)2011-08-03 18:41
leonharfsMy hammer is bloody... maybe it's time to switch it out.2011-08-02 11:52
ZippyDSMleeTHey just keep poping up like weeds!!2011-08-02 00:51
adamas draconis@Zippy great, aparently the main site hates firefox I hate using IE.2011-08-01 21:53
gamer4lifelol very true http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=24699702011-07-31 13:46
ZippyDSMleeOy powers that be, mainsite shoutbox links should auto format into a clickable " [link] " word.2011-07-31 12:55
leonharfsHmm... sounds like a good person to ban.2011-07-30 15:14
ZippyDSMleeadamas draconis:Have you tried anther browser? If it still presists its probly your DNS server being slow to update.2011-07-30 10:45
gamer96XBOX360 48 HOUR CODES2011-07-29 18:15
gamer96pm me if instrested!2011-07-29 18:12
gamer96i have xbox 260 48 hour codes!2011-07-29 18:12
gamer96i only have 4 left!2011-07-29 18:12
adamas draconisnope, still get "You are not authorized to access this page" when I try to sign in2011-07-29 16:50
ZippyDSMleeMain site should be fixed now.2011-07-29 09:49
adamas draconiswhat is wrong with the main site?2011-07-28 16:29
leonharfsLawl2011-07-27 21:19
ZippyDSMleeOh wait........2011-07-26 17:51
ZippyDSMleeRATS MY USER NAME GOT PURGED 0_02011-07-26 17:39
BearDogg-XStill can't log in to the main site, even when clearing everything.2011-07-25 15:27
BearDogg-XSacramento Bee reports that Leland Yee is officially running for mayor of San Francisco2011-07-25 14:09
BearDogg-XStill can't log in to the main site.2011-07-25 13:29
BearDogg-XSince the main site is still screwed up, SCOTUSBlog reports that the EMA and ESA is asking SCOTUS to make California pay over $1.1 million to reimburse legal fees and expenses on top of the previous $370,000 combined from District and Appeals Courts2011-07-25 12:44
BearDogg-XComments to the stories can be seen on stories made before July 20th(any stories on that date disappeared).2011-07-24 13:46