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leonharfsGotcha. Makes sense.2011-11-25 14:57
ZippyDSMleeEr it ate my comment...... I said I am not done with twlight princess thus I am not even worried about skyword sword.2011-11-23 13:09
ZippyDSMleesword I am not even worried about.2011-11-23 11:13
ZippyDSMleeSkyrim is well a TES game thus its a time sink, its not that bad but I dunno I've not played it for long a cusoin got it so I got to try it for a bit.CHange spells/equipment is a bit better than the last time around.2011-11-23 11:12
leonharfsWatched my friend play Skyrim and Skyward Sword today. Skyrim almost put me to sleep. The dragons were so boring... Skwyard Sword seemed interesting. Funny for sure. I was laughing pretty hard. Motion controls still aren't as good as analog though...2011-11-22 23:02
ZippyDSMleeUhg I hate how crippled enchanement is ><2011-11-22 12:06
ZippyDSMleeBA WA HAHAHAHAHA I love my summon skeliton army spell :X2011-11-18 08:59
leonharfsMy friends are loving it. I've watched some of the videos for it, but can't get into it. I am enjoying Mass Effect 2 though. :)2011-11-16 02:22
ZippyDSMleeer mian quest not side....doh!2011-11-13 22:52
ZippyDSMleeI am off FO3 for now its just too poorly made for my taste, Oblivoin is almost as bad but its at elast built for the whole game and not the 10 hour side quest.2011-11-13 11:19
leonharfsGood plan. Next October then. Or in a couple years, whichever. Just realized the New Vegas one isn't out yet...2011-11-12 13:32
ZippyDSMleeNo not till the ultimate game of the eyar edition is out.2011-11-09 04:51
leonharfsOh dear... have fun. Gonna get Skyrim? All my friends are freaking out about it.2011-11-09 00:41
ZippyDSMleeI am doing it I am starting up Oblivion to finish it from the beginning!!2011-11-07 14:05
ZippyDSMleeJust finished demon souls! I thought there was going to be another level but it kinda ended LOL2011-11-07 12:03
ZippyDSMleeworld tendancy, makes the game evil EVIL!!! least its mostly white now. I am enjoying the game but I so wish there was more forgeing and spell options2011-11-07 06:46
leonharfsOh yeah, because it was October, so they did the Black trend, or whatever... Cool. Further than I got :p2011-11-07 02:32
ZippyDSMleemakeing my way through Demons souls most of the time spent on it was under the black out month. FInished up 3 bosses since trying to get my stats up so I can use the white bow now.2011-11-06 15:27
leonharfsAhh, I suppose not.2011-11-06 15:26
ZippyDSMleeI have gamed on the PC for so long I did not see a huge boost in graphics.2011-11-06 12:38
leonharfsI had a 13 inch SD and have a 26 inch HD. Nothing big, but it was a big jump for me when it happened.2011-11-04 22:29
ZippyDSMleeI have a 37 or 42 inch HDTV and a 32inch SD tv, so I get the best of both !2011-11-04 18:10
leonharfsYeah, they do. I agree. But HD games are actually like playing a whole new game when you go from SD to HD. I remember when I played Pixeljunk Eden on my HD for the first time, I didn't realize it was the same thing. I thought they did an update! Hahaha2011-11-04 13:08
ZippyDSMleeFrom the PS3 menu, you have to elave a game go to settings find displey settings then change display mode to scart/Composite or svid/HDMI then selct the sound output . SD TV needs to be used for SD games IMO they just look better.2011-11-03 11:26
leonharfsOn the tv itself? Or from the XMB?2011-11-02 20:52
ZippyDSMleeYou have to go into the menu and switch the disply modes.2011-11-02 10:56
leonharfsHahaha, it all makes sense now. :p2011-11-01 23:53
ZippyDSMleePS3 I mean ><2011-10-31 19:47
leonharfsI wouldn't know.2011-10-31 12:39
ZippyDSMleeman I wish the PS2 would output to a/v at the same time it dose HDMI....its annoying to switch them.2011-10-31 11:08