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ZippyDSMleeI cann't log into the mianstie shout, I can see it once I cleared my cache in FF and I can see it in Chrome but once I log in its gone2011-07-23 08:04
ZippyDSMleeI wish they would use this one on the main site.....2011-07-23 07:59
ZippyDSMleeThey eaither updated or reset the mainsite shout2011-07-23 07:59
Kincyryou too BearDogg?2011-07-23 00:17
BearDogg-XAnd all the comments to all the stories have been erased.2011-07-22 23:43
BearDogg-XWhat is going on with the GamePolitics main site? Keep getting "access denied" when I login.2011-07-22 23:41
ZippyDSMleeLook!!! I can't draw http://www.ecaforums.com/node/1027466 /lulz2011-07-22 10:02
ZippyDSMleeYa fried.2011-07-22 09:23
Flare546Fried? and yeah fried rice is good, I LOVE KOBES (japenese steak house) FRIED RICE2011-07-20 01:19
ZippyDSMleeried rice is best with scrambled eggs,rice omelets suck :P, nomn om nomnomnom2011-07-09 23:13
leonharfsThe content itself seemed fine. :)2011-07-02 12:16
ZippyDSMleeleo I know I know my gamer is SOL, but I am more worried of the sanity of content.2011-07-01 13:50
leonharfsAll right Zip, content wise it looks fine. There's quite a bit that can be fixed with the grammar/punctuation though...2011-06-30 10:53
leonharfsHmm... kay. Wonder if Alucard is mentioned...2011-06-30 10:35
ZippyDSMleeThe Darkness of the Van'Hellsings2011-06-30 09:27
ZippyDSMleehttp://www.ecaforums.com/node/10273822011-06-30 09:27
leonharfsWhere am I looking Zip?2011-06-27 21:12
leonharfsOh dear... Haha2011-06-27 21:06
ZippyDSMleeHey leo if you are up for soem pain check out my lil one shot plot.2011-06-26 15:11
leonharfsGovernment and banks being where the main cannon fire is directed.2011-06-20 17:56
leonharfsThey are hacking the planet right now, uniting all hackers from the world. Anonymous included.2011-06-20 17:56
ZippyDSMleemostly WTF you guys are not helping anything....2011-06-20 05:08
leonharfsSo how do people feel about LulzSec? Anyone been following them?2011-06-17 13:56
ZippyDSMleeSo messing with fallout 3 I managed to mute ad exstned the GNR music by a minete, this means you can run a MP3 player and still get random GNR updates.2011-06-16 11:43
leonharfsWell of course. As they say, best played by 1998. It expires after that. Lulz2011-06-15 18:57
MyGamerTag47Watzzz upppp everyone2011-06-15 09:07
ZippyDSMleethe levels are small there's no secrets and the weapons are messed up with halo cloned vehicles and stuff.2011-06-14 23:22
leonharfsGot the new Alice game... will play it soon. I want to play through the first again before I get into Madness Returns.2011-06-14 16:25
leonharfsIs it? I heard it was exactly like previous Duke Nukem games. Not better, not worse, not more fun. It's Duke Nukem. If you liked the old ones, you'll like this one (assuming you still like them).2011-06-14 10:17
ZippyDSMleeAnyone play DNF yet? Its not bad but tis a halo clone.They could have done so much more than make it a halo clone...did I mention its a halo clone?2011-06-13 19:57