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leonharfsHahaha, 25 a month?? How much are you writing/posting? If it's not much, it might be plausible2011-05-10 01:40
ZippyDSMleeLeo:thinking 25$ a month to be an editor on my site, but I am thinking thats not going to be enough for people wif.....bbwwaaiinnsssss *shuffle shuffle*2011-05-09 11:27
GamesLawI'm helping out with some of the spam management.2011-05-08 13:02
leonharfsNever2011-05-07 13:38
3only1) Complete surveys and chose a custom reward:2011-05-07 12:45
leonharfsWow... that is a lot of stuff to delete. About a hundred posts...2011-05-07 02:50
leonharfsWell, that depends on what day it is... what's up Zip?2011-05-03 21:52
ZippyDSMleeHey leo how busy are you?2011-05-01 16:23
leonharfsMmmmmm, Portal 2... I like. The Steamworks thing is pretty cool too, through the PS3. Intrigued to see what this means for the future of the two companies2011-04-20 01:29
ZippyDSMleeJD:I can do that by posting less. ^_~2011-04-12 13:35
JDKJYou might be able to do the lack off caffeine and the don"t get snarky parts, but more coherent part isn't gonna happen.2011-04-11 01:00
ZippyDSMleeAndrew Eisen main site mod/contributor2011-04-10 21:55
ZippyDSMleeMeh AE would just like it if I lay off the caffeine, be more coherent and don't get snarky with the staff.2011-04-10 21:02
XenithWho is Andrew Eisen? o_O2011-04-10 17:52
XenithLol - ah well, we can't all get along! And it's not worth wasting time over those who don't appreciate your uniqueness :P2011-04-10 17:51
JDKJHell would freeze over before that happened. I get the feeling AE don't care too much for you.2011-04-08 15:54
JDKJAt least you have people who noticed your absence and were concerned. You could have slipped in the shower and been lying in the bottom of the tub with a broken leg all this time. And you know that if you were waiting on Andrew Eisen to call 911 for you,2011-04-08 15:53
leonharfsFancy. Glad you didn't die of dysentery. :p2011-04-08 13:41
ZippyDSMleeI managed to drag a friend who likes to travel and female out here...the down side...she likes hiking....at least I am not sore for running.....2011-04-08 09:42
ZippyDSMleeEh I have been told its sreepier with me around...... I just do not talk alot IRL..... the net is the place I make a fool of myself :P2011-04-08 09:41
leonharfsHe does it every now and then. Might be his health issues acting up, or something else. I don't live anywhere near him, otherwise I'd swing by.2011-04-08 01:38
XenithLol... yeah it's kinda creepy quiet without Zippy around :P2011-04-07 17:46
JDKJHopefully it's nothing more than him fretting the looming federal shutdown and the possible effect on his disability check.2011-04-07 14:52
JDKJDoes someone wanna swing by his house and check up on him? That he hasn't made an appearance on either the front or back pages in days is very unlike the Zipster.2011-04-07 14:48
leonharfsMaybe he hasn't been online... he hasn't posted on here in a few days either.2011-04-07 14:31
JDKJHow come Zippy-Dee-Doo-Dah hasn't been babbling in the GP Shoutbox? Did he get himself banned? Again?2011-04-07 12:51
leonharfsShe said it was a 3D system... wouldn't it make sense to call it a 3DS? It's clever... I don't understand people sometimes.2011-04-03 21:59
leonharfsI just heard a News Announcer call the 3DS a Nintendo DS 3... Why? How does that make sense? It's like the 358/2 Kingdom Hearts game, or Dissidia Duodecim. I can see those being messed up. But 3DS? Just read it from left to right! Stupid...2011-04-03 21:57
leonharfsTop right "search box" thing. Type in whatever, it'll look up posts by default. Change it with the User tab. Should be what you are looking for.2011-04-03 14:28
ZippyDSMleeand looking up a user name? how do you do that?2011-04-02 00:34