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ZippyDSMleeNot working in IE either, so thats FF chrome and IE its not working in.2011-07-23 08:15
ZippyDSMleecan't post comments on the main site either >>2011-07-23 08:12
ZippyDSMleeI cann't log into the mianstie shout, I can see it once I cleared my cache in FF and I can see it in Chrome but once I log in its gone2011-07-23 08:04
ZippyDSMleeI wish they would use this one on the main site.....2011-07-23 07:59
ZippyDSMleeThey eaither updated or reset the mainsite shout2011-07-23 07:59
Kincyryou too BearDogg?2011-07-23 00:17
BearDogg-XAnd all the comments to all the stories have been erased.2011-07-22 23:43
BearDogg-XWhat is going on with the GamePolitics main site? Keep getting "access denied" when I login.2011-07-22 23:41
ZippyDSMleeLook!!! I can't draw http://www.ecaforums.com/node/1027466 /lulz2011-07-22 10:02
ZippyDSMleeYa fried.2011-07-22 09:23
Flare546Fried? and yeah fried rice is good, I LOVE KOBES (japenese steak house) FRIED RICE2011-07-20 01:19
ZippyDSMleeried rice is best with scrambled eggs,rice omelets suck :P, nomn om nomnomnom2011-07-09 23:13
leonharfsThe content itself seemed fine. :)2011-07-02 12:16
ZippyDSMleeleo I know I know my gamer is SOL, but I am more worried of the sanity of content.2011-07-01 13:50
leonharfsAll right Zip, content wise it looks fine. There's quite a bit that can be fixed with the grammar/punctuation though...2011-06-30 10:53
leonharfsHmm... kay. Wonder if Alucard is mentioned...2011-06-30 10:35
ZippyDSMleeThe Darkness of the Van'Hellsings2011-06-30 09:27
ZippyDSMleehttp://www.ecaforums.com/node/10273822011-06-30 09:27
leonharfsWhere am I looking Zip?2011-06-27 21:12
leonharfsOh dear... Haha2011-06-27 21:06
ZippyDSMleeHey leo if you are up for soem pain check out my lil one shot plot.2011-06-26 15:11
leonharfsGovernment and banks being where the main cannon fire is directed.2011-06-20 17:56
leonharfsThey are hacking the planet right now, uniting all hackers from the world. Anonymous included.2011-06-20 17:56
ZippyDSMleemostly WTF you guys are not helping anything....2011-06-20 05:08
leonharfsSo how do people feel about LulzSec? Anyone been following them?2011-06-17 13:56
ZippyDSMleeSo messing with fallout 3 I managed to mute ad exstned the GNR music by a minete, this means you can run a MP3 player and still get random GNR updates.2011-06-16 11:43
leonharfsWell of course. As they say, best played by 1998. It expires after that. Lulz2011-06-15 18:57
MyGamerTag47Watzzz upppp everyone2011-06-15 09:07
ZippyDSMleethe levels are small there's no secrets and the weapons are messed up with halo cloned vehicles and stuff.2011-06-14 23:22
leonharfsGot the new Alice game... will play it soon. I want to play through the first again before I get into Madness Returns.2011-06-14 16:25